Building Your Mentoring Program

Would you like to launch a local mentoring program for girls and/or women in technology or improve the one that you have implemented already? You’ve come to the right place! Research has shown us that quality mentoring programs can have a significant positive impact on the lives of young women, and that:

Local communities are the most promising places to connect the dots. It is at this level that findings of researchers can help improve practice in the classroom, where scientists and engineers can make a difference as role models and mentors, where the multiple paths from pre-K-12 to higher education and the workplace can be most easily navigated, and where public-private partnerships are most naturally formed.1

This section of the Gender Equity Collaborative Mentoring Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for program coordinators on developing and sustaining successful mentoring programs serving their region.

1.The Talent Imperative: Meeting America's Challenge in Science and Engineering,
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